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Guides and Developer Pages
This page provides an overview over pages from the Dev-namespace that offer User Guides, information for developers and connected issues.

Title Outline Related Subschemas Target Group
certification Reference to the certification procedure All Experienced users
Dev:Codelists Outline of the railML® codelist concept All New users
Dev:Coding XML Components How to code XML elements, attributes and types All Experienced users
Dev:CommonDataTypes deprecated
Dev:Common Concepts Common concepts to all railML® schemas All New users
Dev:Connection between tracks Basic infrastructure modelling Concepts IS New users
Dev:Creating_instructions Creating instructions for the railML® XML schema in the scope of the development of railML® All Experienced users
Dev:Defaults List of pages with defaults All New users
Dev:Defining temporal availability of infrastructure elements and speed profiles Representation of general time restrictions using newly introduced attributes in railML® 2.4 IS New users
Dev:Examples for a non-zero operating day offset at the first ocpTT of a train run Examples for a non-zero operating day offset at the first ocpTT of a train run TT New users
Dev:Downloading and using railML Guideline to help you through the first steps in downloading and using railML® All New users
Dev:Examples Where to find, how to use and how to contribute examples All New users
Dev:Guideline for participating in the development process Guideline for participating in the development process All Experienced users
Dev:How To Reference Infrastructure Basic concepts of referencing infrastructure within the timetable subschema TT, IS New users
Dev:How to define track usage of a train in stations How to define track usage of a train in stations TT, IS New users
Dev:How to join, edit and create the railML wiki Dev:How to join, edit and create the railML® wiki All Experienced users
Dev:InfrastructureManagers Outline of the InfrastructureManagers codelist All New users
Dev:Midnight overrun This article explains, how to handle midnight overruns within the timetable subschema TT New users
Dev:Multiplicity How many instances of an element are possible/required? All New users
Dev:Registers The codelist Registers contains registers, databases, handbooks etc. CO New users
Dev:Reversing trains and formations Basic concepts of how to handle reversing trains and formations within the timetable subschema TT New users
Dev:Semantic Constraints How to handle rules that do not fit into XSD All New users
Dev:Special Wiki Markup templates for referring to a certain railML® element documentation page All Experienced users
Dev:Subversion Guidelines Subversion Guidelines All Experienced users
Dev:Syntactic Guidelines Syntactic Guidelines for developing the railML® schema All Experienced users
Dev:TrainClearanceGauges The codelist TrainClearaneGauges collects clearance gauge standards. CO New users
Dev:TrainProtectionSystems The codelist TrainProtectionSystems comprises of train protection systems CO New users
Dev:Train Coupling And Sharing Basic concepts of coupling and sharing trains TT New users
Dev:Types of ocps How to encode different types of stations in "macro" infrastructure models IS New users
Dev:Units Principles about units of attribute values All New users
Dev:Use case example Shows and explains the structure of a good use case All Experienced users
Dev:Use cases How to contribute to writing good railML®-Use Cases All Experienced users
Dev:Wiki Documentation Guidelines Guidelines for editing and developing this Wiki All Experienced users
Dev:XMLtree Visualization of the complete railML® schema All New users
Dev:attributeSyntax Correct Syntax for XML attributes All Experienced users
Dev:catalog Rules for XML catalogs within railML® CO Experienced users
Dev:categoryUsage Basic concepts of train categorization TT New users
Dev:fileConventions Which file name extension shall a railML® file get? CO New users
Dev:identities How to handle id-attributes All New users
Dev:outsourcing How to handle xml:base All New users
Dev:usingAny On extending the officially published railML schemas by own needs, e.g. elements, attributes and enumeration values All New users
Dev:versioning Redundant towards Dev:versions!!! CO Experienced users
Dev:versions Everything about our versioning system CO Experienced users
Dev:Tracks within and between the station IS
Dev:Handover point IS
Dev:Railway station ownership IS
Dev:Intersection of lines of different categories IS
Dev:Usage of the track between the stations IS
Dev:Clearance gauge IS
Dev:Double-track line IS
Dev:Intermodal terminal IS
Dev:Maintenance facility IS
Dev:Marshalling yard IS
Dev:Passenger station IS
Dev:Refueling facility IS
Dev:Storage siding IS
Levels: new (newcomer) or exp (experienced)