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This page is outdated. Instead, consult dev:Unit.

Warning: This page has to be harmonized with other subschema attribute/element/type pages!

This page is used to collect all data types used in the schemas. The target is to harmonize and re-use data types throughout the different schemas.

Simple Types

"Simple Types" are scalars based on integers or floating point numbers. The describe values like time, length or velocities. Vectors, lists (enumerations) or structures are not covered in this section!

Scalar's Name Scalar's Unit Encoding Used in ... Comment
Position, distance, radius km, m float (0.3) x x May occur as absolute or relative Position along the track, as abs. or rel. offset, as distance between two points, as radius or as superelevation
Latitude, Longitude, Altitude ? float x Geographical position. The used coordinate system has to be referenced.
UIC-Number (none) integer x UIC-No. which belongs to a <<Owner>>.
Voltage V integer x
Frequency Hertz (1/s) float x
Gauge mm float (0.3) x
Weight kg float x
Axle Load ("meterload") kg/m float (0.3) x
Speed km/h (?) float x x
Angle rad (has no unit) float x
Slope Permille (has no unit) float (6.2) x
Country ID (for Balises) (none) integer x
Group ID (for Balises) (none) integer x
Point (Coordinates on a screen) pixel float x Used in the visualization part. Shouldn't the unit be integer?
Size (Screen size of an element) pixel float x Used in the visualization part. Shouldn't the unit be integer?
(name) (unit) (enc) (comment)
(name) (unit) (enc) (comment)

Attributes with arbitrary values

The following table lists the variables which can currently be assigned with arbitrary values:

Attribute Part of Type Used in ... Comment
ID (various) string x x Occurs as infrastructureID, lineID, trackID, elemID, ocpID
name (various) string x x Occurs in almost all elements as optional identifier / classifier
description tOperatingPeriod, tTrain, tHoliday string x Something longer than a name
Owner Name OwnerType string x
modeLegislative operationModeType string x
modeExecutive operationModeType string x
style powerTransmissionType string x
model switchType, crossingType string x Model of the switch or crossing. Meaning?
system trainProtectionElementType string x Meaning?
model trainProtectionElementType string x Meaning? Examples?
trainCategory speedType string x Letter indicating the type of Train (e. g. "R")
status speedType, speedChangeType string x Meaning?
protection levelCrossingType string x
kind bridgeType, trainType string x x Meaning?
sigSystem signalType string x
staticTelegram baliseType, baliseGroupType string x Coded? Uncoded? Binary? Plaintext?
model trainDetectorType string x Examples?
number operationControlPointType, ocpAreaType string x Meaning?
type ocpPropOperationalType string x Meaning?
(name) (parent) (type) x (comment)