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Use cases

In this page you learn what is a use case and find a list of railML® use cases.

While the emphasis of the railML®-wiki lies in documenting single elements in a bottom-up approach, we also try to help users to capture the concepts of railML® via examples and use cases in a top down approach.

What is a use case?

A use case can be defined as a single task, performed by the end user of a system, that has some useful outcome*. It is described as a list of steps (actions or events) to achieve this outcome.

A use case in terms of railML® is an application of data exchange between at least two IT systems in the railway domain, where railML® can be used as a format and language for the data to be exchanged. The aim of the use case description is to formulate requirements on the technical implementation of the data exchange.

What distinguishes a use case from an example is, that examples will typically consist of pieces of railML®-code, whereas use cases will typically be formulated in natural language or Unified Modelling Language (UML). Examples are solutions to use cases.

railML® Use Cases

By category

CO Use CasesIL Use CasesIS Use CasesRS Use CasesTT Use CasesCategory:Use cases by company

List of pursued use cases

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Directing Subschema
Involved Subschemas
Implemented in railML® version
Implemented in railML® version
Description (EN) Description (DE) Description (FR)
Reported by Status
how to interpret the status
IL IS 3.1 3.2 X Routes for timetable simulation
(former: Capacity operational simulation)
Fahrstrassen für Fahrplan simulieren
(ehemals: Leistungsfähigkeit Simulation)

(ancien: Simulation de la capacité)
RSIM Jernbanedirektoratet/BaneNOR
(erstwhile: Jernbanedirektoratet Capacity Dpt)
IL 3.1 3.2 X Interlocking module engineering data
(former: Interlocking engineering)
Stellwerksprojektierung Invariants des système d’enclenchement IMED Thales Germany consolidated
IS 3.1 3.2 X Schematic Track Plan Schematische Gleisplandarstellung Plan du tracé schématique SCTP JBD/BaneNOR consolidated
IS 3.1 3.2 X RINF Reporting RINF Meldung Rapports RINF RINR SNCF Réseau merged into NEST
IS 3.1 3.2 X Network statement of an infrastructure manager Schie­nen­netz­be­nut­zungs­be­din­gun­gen eines Infrastrukturbetreibers Document de référence du réseau de opérateur réseau ferroviaire NEST SŽDC/​ProRail/​BaneNOR consolidated
TT 3.2 3.2 X Passenger information at stations Fahrgastinformation am Bahnhof Information voyageurs en station writer: PSI (20.05.15); reviewer: Init consolidated
IS TT, IL 3.2 3.2 X Integrated TMS Integriertes Verkehrsmanagement - ITMS Bombardier draft
TT IL, IS, RS 3.2 3.2 X Traffic Management Plan writer: Thales; reviewer: ??? draft
IS 2 Passenger Information System Fahrgast-Informationssystem Système d'information voyageurs PISY draft
IS 2 Track Geometry Gleisgeometrie TRGE ÖBB Infrastruktur review
IS TT 2 Driver Advisory System (DAS) Fahrerassistenzsystem Système d'assistance au conducteur (DAS) DASY IS draft
IS 2 Railway Infrastructure Recording Erfassung der Schieneninfrastruktur Enregistrement des infrastructures ferroviaires ISRC Bahnkonzept draft
IS 3 Positioning and Map-Matching Positionierung und Kartenvergleich Positionnement et correspondance avec la carte POSI draft
IS 3 Asset status representation Darstellung des Infrastrukturzustands Représentation de l'actif ASSR DLR for IN2Rail project draft
IS 3 Exchange of planning parameters for interlocking with suppliers Austausch von Planungsparametern für Stellwerke mit Her­stel­lern Échange de paramètres de planification pour l'interconnexion avec les fournisseurs ISIL IS draft
IL 4 Operation and Control Betriebsführung Commande et Control draft
IS 3 Maintenance Planning Wartungsplanung Planification de la maintenance MAPL draft
IL 4 Interlocking engineering for signalling Stellwerkstechnik für Signalisierung Systèmes de verrouillage de la signalisation Jernbaneverket Signalling Dpt draft
IL 5 Site preparation data for Signal Controlled Warning Systems Daten zur Standortvorbereitung für Rottenwarnsysteme Données de préparation pour le Systèmes d'avertissement commandés par signal SCWS Thales Austria draft
IL 6 Hardware and cable plan Aussenanlage und Kabelplan Plan matériel et câble draft
IS 3 Capacity Planning Kapazitätsplanung Planification de la capacité CAPL JBV/BaneNOR draft
IS 3 NRE Reporting NRE Meldung Rapports NRE NRER ÖBB Infrastruktur draft
IS 3 Speed directory Verzeichnis der zulässigen Geschwindigkeiten Liste des vitesses autorisées SPED ÖBB Infrastruktur draft
IS 3 Timetabling Fahrplanerstellung horaires ISTT ProRail draft
IS 3 CAD for railway signaling CAD für Zugsignalisierung CAD pour la signalisation ferroviaire CASP RailComplete draft
IS 3 Capture schematic visualisation information of track assets Erstellung schematischer Visualisierungs-Informationen von Schienenanlagen Capture des informations de visualisation schématique des actifs de la piste draft
IS 3 Railway Simulation Laboratory Eisenbahnbetriebslabor Laboratoire de simulation ferroviaire RLAB ČVUT draft
IS 9 Railway Infrastructure Visualisation Visualisierung von Schieneninfrastruktur Visualisation de l'infrastructure ferroviaire ISVI outdated
IS IL 3.2 3.2 X ETCS track net ETCS Thales draft
RS Traction power supply simulation Simulation der Bahnstromversorgung
RS Operational simulation Betriebssimulation
TT RS, IS Duty planning and staff shifts Dienstplanung und Personalschichten Planification des permanences et affectation du personnel SHFT writer: ÖBB Personenverkehr;
reviewer: INIT
TT Timetable Information Fahrplanauskunft Renseignement sur l'horaire TINF writer: HaCon (13.03.15); reviewer: IVU consolidated, under revision
TT A timetable for a competition (call for proposals) Ausschreibungsfahrplan writer: iRFP (21.05.15); reviewer: IVU (22.09.16) consolidated
TT Import complete timetable for vehicle working scheduling and vehicle workings Umlaufbildung Fahrzeuge Jahresfahrplan writer: IVU (20.05.15); reviewer: iRFP draft
TT Adopt vehicle working scheduling to timetable changes Umlauf an Jahresfahrplan anpassen writer: IVU (21.05.15) ; reviewer: HaCon consolidated
TT Exchange of formation data Austausch von Wagenreihungen/ Behängungsdaten writer: iRFP (21.05.15); reviewer: IVU (22.09.16) consolidated
TT TAF/TAP TSI requirements TAF/TAP TSI Anforderungen writer: ERA; reviewer: Bahnkonzept draft
TT Long Term Strategic Timetabling Langfrist-Fahrplanerstellung writer: SMA (22.12.16); reviewer: HaCon draft
TT Slot ordering Trassenbestellung writer: SMA (17.09.16); reviewer: iRFP draft
TT Passenger information inside the train Fahrgastinformation im Zug writer: Interautomation (17.01.17); reviewer: PSI and iRFP draft
IS IL, RS, TT Exchange of Logical Train Positions writer: Siemens Switzerland; reviewer: ??? draft
IS Posession Management Daten für Betra und Gleissperrungen POMA writer: Siemens Germany (10.01.22); reviewer: HaCon draft

List of deferred use cases

These use cases have been shelved. Feel free to return them on track.

Directing Subschema
Involved Subschemas
Implemented in railML® version
Description (EN) Description (DE) Description (FR)
Reported by Reason
Why is this UC on hold?
IL 7 Data prepration for signalling Datenbereitstellung für Stellwerkssysteme Préparation des données signalisation DPRS EULYNX (erstwhile) EULYNX withdrew from development
TT Automatic Route Setting (ARS)
Automatic Train Supervision (ATS)
Zuglenkung writer: Toshiba?;
reviewer: PSI
Currently no demand
TT Operational simulation timetable Betriebssimulation Fahrplan writer: OTRT?;
reviewer: SMA
Currently no demand

How to interpret the status

  Status Description participation
railML® community
reporting party
railML® scheme coordinator
railML® governance board
railML® scheme development group
pre development
planned the use case is planned, but there is no draft available by now; usually there will be no article about this use case in the wiki; Sometimes some basic ideas will be published ×
draft a user has submitted a draft. Usually there will exist an article about the use case where you find the draft
consolidated the draft has been reviewed and accepted by the scheme coordinator × × ×
development phase
requirements the development phase begins with an assessment, if and how the railML® schema has to be refined as to depict the use case × ×
model the requirements of this use case have been implemented into the currant railML® schema ×
finished the use case has been completely implemented, documented and released ×
postponed if an unfinished use case is not being barried further for several months, it will be listed as postponed
×=participates — ☒=is responsible

How to contribute a use case

Generally speaking, contributions to railML® and this wiki are appreciated. For contributing use cases, please follow our UC guideline.