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Asset status representation for TMS
Subschema: Infrastructure
Reported by: DLR for In2Rail project
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For general information on use cases see UC:Use cases

Use case / Anwendungsfall

Asset Status Representation for TMS

Description / Beschreibung

Traffic Management Systems (TMS) consider various sorts of input data for the calculation of the current traffic situation. One important input for TMS is the information about the railway infrastructure and its status. This comprises static information about the assets as well as dynamic information about the asset status.

Data Flows and Interfaces / DatenflĂĽsse und Schnittstellen

TMS receives static and dynamic data about the railway infrastructure from relevant databases under control of the infrastructure manager.

Interference with other railML® schemas / Interferenz mit anderen railML®-Schemen

Characterizing Data / Charakterisierung der Daten

How often do the data change (update)?

The use case comprises static and dynamic (status) asset data. For infrastructure, the focus is only on static data.

How big are the data fragments to be exchanged (complexity)?

  • Small (operational point)
  • Big (station/yard)
  • Whole data set (network)

Which views are represented by the data (focus)?

  • Construction: railway infrastructure elements along tracks
  • Operation: status of railway infrastructure elements

Which specific data do you expect to receive/send (elements)?


Switch/crossing static data
Name Data Type Refers to component
Type Enumeration(ordinary, inside curved, outside curved, three way) Switch
Model String Switch
Normal Position Enumeration(straight, left, right) Switch (Rail)
Length Decimal (m, mm, etc.) Switch
Absolute Position Geospatial Switch
Mileage Decimal (km) Switch
Nominal Switch Motor Voltage Decimal (V) Actuation devices - POE
Nominal Switch Motor Current Decimal (A) Actuation devices - POE
Nominal Power Consumption Decimal (W) Actuation devices - POE
Nominal manoeuvre time Time Actuation devices
Locking nominal electromagnetic power Decimal (?) Actuation devices – Locking elements
Nominal Max Speed Decimal (km/h) Switch
Joints Type Enumeration (welded, insulated, glued, etc.) Switch - Points - Rail
Joints Nominal Displacement Decimal (mm) Switch - Points - Rail
Construction date Time Switch
Construction series string Switch
Original Test Date Time Switch
Installation Date Time Switch


Track static data
Name Data Type Refers to component
Type Enumeration(straight line, curved track, ...) Track
Length Decimal (m, mm, etc.) Track
Absolute Position Geospatial Track
Mileage Decimal (km) Track
Altitude Decimal (m) Track
Track ID Integer/String Track
Track elements Enumeration (switches, level crossings, bridges, tunnels) Track
Traction System installed Enumeration(none, AC 25kV 50Hz, ...) Track
Type of rail Enumeration (56 E1, 60 E1, ...) Track (under-structure)
Type of ballast Enumeration (ballast-less, with ballast) Track (under-structure)
Type of sleepers Enumeration (steel, wooden, ...) Track (sleepers)
Type of fasteners Enumeration (k-type, Pandrol, ...) Track (fasteners)
Nominal Max Speed Decimal (km/h) Track
Construction date Time Track
Construction series string Track
Original Test Date Time Track
Installation Date Time Track


Catenary static data
Name Data Type Refers to component
Type Enumeration(simple catenary, stitched catenary, compound catenary, ...) Catenary
Model String Catenary
Absolute Position Geospatial Catenary
Mileage Decimal (km) Catenary
Type of Wire Enumeration (Circular 80 mm2; 85 mm2, 100 mm2; 107 mm2; 120 mm2; 150 mm2…) Catenary - Contact wire
Nominal Wire Section Decimal (mm) Catenary - Contact wire
Number of contact wire Integer Catenary - Contact wire
Wire Length Decimal (m, mm, etc.) Catenary - Contact wire
Nominal Voltage Decimal (V) Catenary - Contact wire
Nominal Max Speed Decimal (km/h) Catenary
Height lower limit Decimal (m) Catenary - Contact wire
Height upper limit Decimal (m) Catenary - Contact wire
Stagger limit straight line Decimal (mm) Catenary - Contact wire
Stagger limit curve Decimal (mm) Catenary - Contact wire
Wear limit Decimal (mm) Catenary - Contact wire
Max allowed slope Decimal(mm/m) Catenary
Steady arm type Enumeration (...) Steady arm
Steady arm nominal vertical inclination Decimal (degrees) Steady arm
Dropper Type Enumeration (Current carrying dropper, common dropper, …) Dropper
Dropper Nominal Distance Decimal (mm) Dropper
Pole Nominal Distance Decimal (m) Pole
Insulator type by function Enumeration (section insulator, bracket insulator...) Insulator
Construction date Time Catenary
Construction series string Catenary
Original Test Date Time Catenary
Installation Date Time Catenary


Bridge static data
Name Data Type Refers to component
Name String Bridge
Construction date Date Bridge
Design life Integer (years) Bridge
Span length 1 per span, Decimal (m) Deck slab, pier, tower
Number of spans Integer Deck slab, pier, tower
Column height Decimal (m) Pier, tower
Total length (inc. approaches) Decimal (m) Deck
Number of decks Integer Deck
Upper design temperature Integer (Centigrade) Bridge
Lower design temperature Integer (Centigrade) Bridge
Self-weight (dead load) Decimal (Tons) Bridge
Max design traffic load (live load) Decimal (kN/m2) Any load-bearing structure e.g. truss, beam, deck
Max axle load Decimal (kN/m2) Deck
Max seismic load Decimal (kN/m2) Bridge
Max wind load Decimal (kN/m2) Bridge
Max snow load Decimal (kN/m2) Bridge
Max tension Decimal Main cable


Tunnel static data
Name Data Type Refers to component
Name String Tunnel
Construction date Date Tunnel
Design life Integer (years) Tunnel
Number of bores Integer Bore
Total length Decimal (m) Bore
Portal 1 distance Decimal (mileage) Portal
Portal 1 position Geoposition Portal
Portal 2 distance Decimal (mileage) Portal
Portal 2 position Geoposition Portal
Radius of bore Decimal (m) Bore
Max loading gauge Text (ERA TSI profile code) Bore
Width Decimal (m) Bore
Height Decimal (m) Bore, Invert
Effective height (railhead / invert to OLE structures) Decimal (m) Bore, Invert, OLE
Min Curve Radius Decimal (m) Bore
Reference profile 3D contour Bore, lining


Embankment static data
Name Data Type Refers to component
Slope angle Decimal (degrees) Embankment
Construction date Date Embankment
Design life Integer (years) Embankment
Start distance Decimal (mileage) Embankment
Start position Geoposition Embankment
End distance Decimal (mileage) Embankment
End position Geoposition Embankment
Culvert location Decimal (mileage) Culvert
Culvert diameter Decimal (m) Culvert
Vertical height above feature Decimal (m) Embankment
Length Decimal (m) Embankment
Max live loading Decimal (kN/m2) Embankment
Fill construction Enumeration array (sand, gravel, clay, shale etc.) Embankment fill
Material reference resistivity Array, decimal (ohm meter) Embankment fill (1 per material, as fill construction)

Line Section

Line section static data
Name Data Type Refers to component
Length Decimal (km) Line section
Installation date Date Tracks
Design life Integer (years) Tracks
Number of tracks Integer Tracks
Track directions Array, enumeration (up, down) Tracks
Track IDs String Tracks
Loading gauge String Tracks
Start distance Decimal (mileage) Tracks
Start position Geoposition Tracks
End distance Decimal (mileage) Tracks
End position Geoposition Tracks
Installed signalling Enumeration (See signalling style) Signalling style
Installed train detection Enumeration (See train detection) Train detection
Installed electrification Enumeration (see electrification style) Electrification style

Level crossing

Level crossing static data
Name Data Type Refers to component
Type Enumeration (automatic full barrier, automatic half barrier, gated, automatic open with lights, automatic full barrier with obstacle detection, automatic half barrier with obstacle detection, etc.) Level Crossing (LC)
Model String LC
Barrier Length Decimal (m) LC
Absolute Position Geospatial LC
Mileage Decimal (km) LC
Nominal Arms Motor Voltage Decimal (V) Primary Devices Actuators
Nominal Arms Motor Current Decimal (A) Primary Devices Actuators
Nominal Arms Motor Power Consumption Decimal (W) Primary Devices Actuators
Nominal Hydraulic Pressure Decimal (PSI/bar) Primary Devices Actuators
Nominal Drop Time Time Primary Devices Actuators
Nominal Rise Time Time Primary Devices Actuators
Nominal Acoustic Power Decimal (dB) Acoustic Signals
Nominal Light Signals Voltage Decimal (V) Light Signals
Nominal Light Signals Current Decimal (A) Light Signals
Nominal Max Speed (???) Decimal (km/h) LC
Arms Material (???) String Arms
Construction date Time LC
Construction series string LC
Original Test Date Time LC
Installation Date Time LC