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🗒️ This page is mirrored from page UC:IL:HardwareAndCablePlan in The railML® 3 wiki.
Hardware and cable plan
Subschema: Interlocking
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For general information on use cases see UC:Use cases

Use case / Anwendungsfall

Hardware and cable plan; Hardware und Kabelplan

Description / Beschreibung

  • Cable plan
  • Parts Lists
  • Number of field element controller
  • Hardware indoor, outdoor (number of point machines, number of axle counters, number of signals, …)
  • Network components (router, switches, cable)
  • Power supply
  • Technical room, number of CPU boards, Container

Data Flows and Interfaces / DatenflĂĽsse und Schnittstellen

Information Category:

  • Topology (origin: railML IS schema or classic track plan)
  • Cable plan (origin: railML IS schema or classic track plan)

Interference with other railML® schemas / Interferenz mit anderen railML®-Schemen

  • infrastructure

Characterizing Data / Charakterisierung der Daten

This section serves to specify the required data regarding certain aspects.

How often do the data change (update)?

  • static (not changing) on demand

How big are the data fragments to be exchanged (complexity)?

  • big (station/yard)

Which views are represented by the data (focus)?

  • Energy
  • Construction

Which specific IL data do you expect to receive/send (elements)?

  • Number of elements (signals, distant signals, repeater, supplementary signals, point machines, Track vacancy detection ( axle counter)…..)
  • Position of elements
  • Block interface to foreign IXL
  • Level crossing
  • Tunnel gates
  • Bascule bridges
  • Slide detector