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Scheme description / Schemenbeschreibung

Position of dc:date in the XML-Tree / Position von dc:date im XML-Baum

Multiplicity / Anzahl


Semantics / Bedeutung

Dublin Core definition
"A point or period of time associated with an event in the lifecycle of the resource."
Dublin Core description
"Date may be used to express temporal information at any level of granularity. Recommended best practice is to use an encoding scheme, such as the W3CDTF profile of ISO 8601."
railML® semantics
This may be a combination of the date and time when the data set (railML® file) was created. It may be represented according to xs:dateTime.

Attributes of dc:date / Attribute von dc:date

  • xml:lang (introduced with version 2.1): This is a unique identifier of language. It uses basically the language standard IETF BCP 47 (external link) which may be different to ISO 639-1 (external link) or ISO 639-2 (external link). For mapping hints see relation to other standards (external link).
    The usage of xml:lang does not make any sense in the context of a portable ISO 8601 date and time format.

Syntactic Constraints / Syntaktische Beschränkungen

The Element <dc:date> may occur once.

Best practice & Examples / Empfohlene Anwendung & Beispiele


Notes / Anmerkungen


Open issues / Offene Punkte/Pendenzen

Not yet described. / Noch nicht beschrieben.