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XML Railway exchange format
Latest release: 2.4
(October 7th, 2018)
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railML® schema changes between railML® 2.0 and railML® 2.1

This site is intended to collect the schema changes between railML® 2.0 and railML® 2.1 by topics, that influence the XML output. As it starts as a stub please refer to

Changes are also marked on the element pages with (introduced with version 2.1) for introduced components and (deprecated with version 2.1) for components that became obsolete. All occurances of these tags are listed in Category:Intro/2.1 respectively Category:Depr/2.1.

For changes with other version upgrades see Dev:changes.

Missinginformation.png In this article there is information missing with respect to all the changes in railML® version 2.1. Please, refer to the diff output. Please help improving the railML® wiki by filling the gaps. Possibly, you will find further details on the discussion pageVasco Paul Kolmorgen (Diskussion) 18:29, 11. Feb. 2016 (CET)