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This template is intended to standardize references to sources without a web link. If it is possible to link to a source, please use another template listed here

🗒️ An outline on Citations and References within the railML® wikis can be found here.


  • title (required): The (book-) title
  • author (required): The author(s) – can be unknown, but must not stay empty
  • date: the publication date (or simply year) of the source
  • publisher: The publisher
  • place: The publishing place
  • type: the source type, e.g. book, periodical or disc
  • in: If part of an edited volume, periodical etc.: The title of the volume or series
  • lang: the language of the source, e.g. EN
  • number: the issue number of a periodical or series
  • page: the page number of the citation
  • citation: here you can cite a short text portion
  • comment: anything that does not fit into the other parameters; a string to be displayed directly
  • inline: dummyargument. Set inline=1 whenever you employ the template outside <ref> tags to show that this is on purpose not in a footnote.




Plato: Critias

{{source|title=Die unendliche Geschichte|author=Michael Ende|publisher=Thienemanns|place=Stuttgart|date=1979|lang=de}}


Michael Ende: Die unendliche Geschichte; Thienemanns, Stuttgart 1979 🇩🇪