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🗒️ This template is intended for indirect use via Template:Semcon. Please, don't employ it directly!

This template is used in the background for deprecated semantic constraints. It presents them in a standardized way and provides listing in Category:Semantic constraints deprecated. For proposed semantic constraints use Template:Semcon with status=proposed.

Please, don't forget to hint at semantic constraints with template:semconHint!


  • 1: The constraint.
  • 2: The introduction date
  • 3: The approvement date
  • 4: The deprecation date
  • forum: A link to the forum entry, where the constraint was discussed


{{semconDeprecated|Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today.|monday|thursday|friday}}


Private-cloud-icon.png Deprecated Semantic Constraint:
Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today.
Proposed on monday
Approved on thursday
Deprecated on thursday
Deprecated semantic constraints may still be valid for older railML® versions!
Please, recognize our guidelines on semantic constraints