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This template displays a commented attribute xml:lang and optionally an adjustable comment.


This template has two optional arguments:

  • notes_en: an English comment
  • notes_de: a German comment


This template depends on Template:Attr and Template:AddAnn. It is employed by about two dozens of templates, e.g. Template:InheritIdName.




{{InheritLang |notes_en=An English comment. |notes_de=Ein deutscher Kommentar. }}

delivers (in a box)

  • xml:lang (introduced with version 2.1): This is a unique identifier of language. It uses basically the language standard IETF BCP 47 (external link) which may be different to ISO 639-1 (external link) or ISO 639-2 (external link). For mapping hints see relation to other standards (external link).
    An English comment.
    Ein deutscher Kommentar.