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Example 3 - code Attribute for trainPart

Philip Wobst 08:31, 16. Dez. 2014 (CET): I find it very helpful that the intended rules are described with a generic example and appreciate the documentation. However, the code is intended to be an identifier for an element and the description given here adds a very specific limitation for one specific use case only ("... all elements <trainPart> which define a through connection shall have the same code.").

If this is a specific example then "The following "rules" give an indication and a recommendation..." should not be used. --Vasco Paul Kolmorgen 09:24, 16. Dez. 2014 (CET)

Dirk Bräuer 16:08, 16. Dez. 2014 (CET): As discussed for a long time, with the current railML 2.0..2.2 structures for <train>s and <trainPart>s, it is hard to identify a through connection of <trainPart>s through several <train>s if you have "train coupling and sharing" and additional coaches as well and in the same <trainPartSequences>. This is one of the reasons for "refactoring" of <trainPart>s. However, currently there is a need for at least one "identifying" attribute for a trough connection. My suggestion is: Use "code". If you could define another suggestion which works with all this ("train coupling and sharing" and additional coaches in the same <trainPartSequences>), please do and let's discuss it.

With this background, it is not a specific but a very general problem.


I set the template here, because it seems, that the paragraph (or even further parts of the page?) seem to refer to version 2.0.
Yours, Ferri Leberl (Diskussion) 14:25, 29. Jun. 2016 (CEST)