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Scheme description / Schemenbeschreibung

Position of pneumaticCoupler in the XML-Tree / Position von pneumaticCoupler im XML-Baum

  • Parent: <couplers>
  • Children: Not yet described. / Noch nicht beschrieben.

Multiplicity / Anzahl


Semantics / Bedeutung

The element <pneumaticCoupler> contains all data related to the pneumatic coupling devices used between the vehicles. It covers also any other pipes, which are to be connected between the vehicles.

Das Element <pneumaticCoupler> beinhaltet alle Daten für alle pneumatischen Kupplungen zwischen den einzelnen Fahrzeugen. Dies umfasst auch alle anderen Leitungen/Röhren, die zwischen den Fahrzeugen zu kuppeln sind.

Attributes of pneumaticCoupler / Attribute von pneumaticCoupler

  • positionOnCarEnd: This is the basic position of the coupler with regard to the car ends. Possible values are:
  • both The railway wagon has two couplers. One of them is placed on the front side of the railway wagon. Other one is placed on the rear side of the railway wagon.
  • front The railway wagon has one coupler placed on the front side.
  • rearThe railway wagon has one coupler placed on the rear side.
  • couplerFunction: This describes the function the pneumatic coupler is used for. Possible values are:
  • mainAirPipe The main air pipe for brake control
    Hauptluftleitung (HL/HLL)
  • mainAirReservoirPipe The main air pipe for feeding the individual air reservoirs
    Hauptluftbehälterleitung (HB/HBL)
  • additionalBrakeControlPipe The air pipe for control of an additional brake
    Leitung zur Ansteuerung der Zusatzbremse (ZBL)
  • vacuumAirPipe The air pipe used for vacuum brake system
  • steamHeatingPipe The pipe used for steam heating of wagon
  • unknown The function of the pipe coupling is not known.
  • other:anything: Any value that does not fit any value from the previous enumeration list, fulfilling the constraint: at minimum two characters, whitespace is not allowed. Please, apply Dev:usingAny accordingly.
    can be used for any other functions
  • integratedOnMechanicalCoupler: This is a flag, whether the pneumatic coupler is integrated in the mechanical coupler and coupled automatically with it.

Syntactic Constraints / Syntaktische Beschränkungen

  • positionOnCarEnd mandatory
  • couplerFunction optional
  • integratedOnMechanicalCoupler xs:boolean, optional

The element can occur several times for a vehicle. When it is used the attribute positionOnCarEnd is mandatory.

Best practice & Examples / Empfohlene Anwendung & Beispiele

Not yet described. / Noch nicht beschrieben.

Notes / Anmerkungen

Not yet described. / Noch nicht beschrieben.

Open issues / Offene Punkte/Pendenzen

Not yet described. / Noch nicht beschrieben.