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Scheme description / Schemenbeschreibung / Description du schéma

Position of goods in the XML-Tree / Position von goods im XML-Baum / position de goods dans l’aborescence XML

Multiplicity / Anzahl / Multiplicité


Semantics / Bedeutung / Sémantique

The element <goods> contains the data about freight in the entire vehicle or special compartments.

Das Element <goods> beinhaltet die Angaben zur Beladung von Güterwagen oder Güterabteilen.

Attributes of goods / Attribute von goods / Attributs de goods

  • load: This is the allowed payload of freight in metric tons.
  • loadArea:
  • volume: This is the available volume, which can be used for the payload of freight, given in cubicle metres.
  • freightCarType: This is the category of goods vehicle according to its construction. Possible values are:
  • open open goods wagons (US:gondola) of standard design (UIC Class E wagons) or of special design (UIC Class F wagons), the latter may be also with self-discharging
  • covered with fixed roof for transport of part-load goods or parcels (US:boxcars) as standard classes (UIC Class G wagons), special classes (UIC Class H wagons) or livestock vans (Class V)
  • platform with flat wagon floor and no walls or low walls no higher than 60 cm
    with individual axles Class K (standard), Class L (special)
    with bogies Class R (standard), Class S (special)
  • refrigerated cooled or refrigerated vans including machine-cooled wagons with their own cooling system (Class I wagons)
  • tank - wagons suitable for a wide variety of fluids and gases (UIC Class Z)
  • self-discharging wagons with self-discharging equipment (UIC Class F - open) or (UIC Class T with sliding roof)
  • special special wagons of UIC Class U include powder wagons and low-loading wagons
  • other:anything Any value that does not fit any value from the previous enumeration list, fulfilling the constraint: at minimum two characters, whitespace is not allowed.
  • freightCarUICType: This is the type string for freight car classification according UIC code (external link).

Syntactic Constraints / Syntaktische Beschränkungen / Contraintes syntactiques

  • loadArea xs:decimal, 3 fraction digits, square area value measured in , optional
  • volume xs:decimal, 3 fraction digits, cubical volume value measured in , optional
  • freightCarType optional

Best practice & Examples / Empfohlene Anwendung & Beispiele / Bonnes pratiques & exemples

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Notes / Anmerkungen / Notes

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Open issues / Offene Punkte/Pedenzen / Questions ouvertes

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