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Scheme description / Schemenbeschreibung

Position of dedicatedSupplySystem in the XML-Tree / Position von dedicatedSupplySystem im XML-Baum

  • Parent: auxiliarySupply
  • Children: Not yet described. / Noch nicht beschrieben.

Multiplicity / Anzahl


Semantics / Bedeutung

(after version 2.0)

The element <dedicatedSupplySystem> in context of auxiliarySupply is used for the capabilities per possible auxiliary supply system.

Das Element <dedicatedSupplySystem> wird im Kontext von auxiliarySupply zur Beschreibung der Leistungsmerkmale für jedes mögliche Hilfsbetriebespeisesystem verwendet.

Attributes of dedicatedSupplySystem / Attribute von dedicatedSupplySystem

  • voltage: The nominal voltage in Volt for the supply system.
  • frequency: The nominal frequency in Hertz for the supply system. '0' means DC system.
  • maxPower: The maximum power, which can be drawn with this supply system.

Syntactic Constraints / Syntaktische Beschränkungen

The element is optional and can occur several times. However, if used a value for maxPower is required.

Best practice & Examples / Empfohlene Anwendung & Beispiele

Not yet described. / Noch nicht beschrieben.

Notes / Anmerkungen

For European railways there are four typical systems:

  • 1000 V 16.7 Hz
  • 1000 V 50 Hz
  • 1500 V DC
  • 3000 V DC

Open issues / Offene Punkte/Pendenzen

Not yet described. / Noch nicht beschrieben.