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Scheme description / Schemenbeschreibung

Position of additionalName in the XML-Tree / Position von additionalName im XML-Baum

Multiplicity / Anzahl


Semantics / Bedeutung

(deprecated with version 2.1) use <additionalName> of <ocp> instead

The element <additionalName> encloses a secondary name for an ocp. Thus, multiple names for an ocp can be provided for e. g. different languages, different meanings or different character sets.

Attributes of additionalName / Attribute von additionalName

  • value: This is the additional name of the ocp
  • type: This is the meaning of the name. Possible values are:
    • operationalName the ocps name under operational aspects
    • trafficName the ocps name under traffic aspects
    • localName an name in the local language
    • other:anything: Any value that does not fit any value from the previous enumeration list, fulfilling the constraint: at minimum two characters, whitespace is not allowed. Please, apply Dev:usingAny accordingly.

  • xml:lang (introduced with version 2.1): This is a unique identifier of language. It uses basically the language standard IETF BCP 47 (external link) which may be different to ISO 639-1 (external link) or ISO 639-2 (external link). For mapping hints see relation to other standards (external link).

Syntactic Constraints / Syntaktische Beschränkungen

  • type: union of (restriction of xs:string, tOtherEnumerationValue); tOtherEnumerationValue is an arbitrary string starting with 'other:' followed by at minimum two characters, white space not allowed for extending railML® enumeration lists; optional

One ocp can have an unlimited number of <additionalName> elements.

Best practice & Examples / Empfohlene Anwendung & Beispiele

Not yet described. / Noch nicht beschrieben.

Notes / Anmerkungen

The primary name of an ocp will always be the values provided in the name of <ocp>. The usage of <additionalName> is optional.

Open issues / Offene Punkte/Pendenzen

Not yet described. / Noch nicht beschrieben.