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railVIVID® is the railML® validation and viewer tool. It was financed by several European Railway Infrastructure Managers through and was initial developed by TU Dresden, Institute of Traffic Telematics (up to September 2015). The further development and support will be maintained by and supported by UIC and several European Railway Infrastructure Managers.


With railVIVID you have the full control over your railML® files: You can visualize the infrastructure, the timetable and the rollingstock elements included in the railML® file even without fully understanding the XML and railML® syntax. The integrated railVIVID® validator allows you to check the railML® file regarding the correctness of syntax as well as several semantic aspects. Thus, railVIVID® gives you all the comfort needed to successfully work with railML® import and export interfaces of your software.

railVIVID® contains:

  • Graphic viewer for Timetable data
  • Tabular viewer for Timetable data with spreadsheet export
  • Rolling Stock data viewer
  • Topologic Viewer for Infrastructure data
  • Geographic Viewer for Infrastructure data
  • Schema Validator for railML®
  • Software in English and German with user manual (translation to other languages possible)


The beta phase, started in early Summer 2015 for a period of 6 months, has ended. Therefore there are no downloads possible at the moment. For the roadmap see (link to the railML® website).


The documentation is in development.

For the documentation see