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Template to uniformely include swapped content.

Why is this necessary?

Please, employ it in combination with Template:TableDocu. Stick to the name schema described here.


  • 1 (default:table/{{PAGENAME}}): The place of the swapped object
  • 2/sub: If several swapped objects exist for the page, a number has to be given. E.g. 1 will be expanded to /1, so if applied on page XYZ, {{includeTable|sub=69}} will expand to Template:Table/XYZ/69.

Copying templates

{{includeTable|1= |sub=}}




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Identificator AbsPos OCP Geographic Coordinate
Line Track (in metres) Name Designator Type Latitude Longitude
2630 1 91232 Bf Koblenz Hbf KKO Station 50,350834 7,589025
2630 1 94353 Bf Königsbach (b Kapellen-Stolzenfels) KKOB Station 50,323351 7,586081
2630 1 99821 Bf Rhens KRHE Station 50,281444 7,620582


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