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Example 2: Meaning of train parts and usage of trainNumber, code, sequence, position, and name

Philip Wobst 08:55, 16. Dez. 2014 (CET): I find it very helpful that a good use case is provided as an example and appreciate the documentation. However, the code element was added and it has the same value as the trainNumber but no explanation/description is given why it was added for this example. A similar example is given for the Train coupling and sharing - maybe it would make sense to reference the example there instead.

Dirk Bräuer 16:03, 16. Dez. 2014 (CET): As far as I know, the attribute "code" was introduced in general and only by inheritance here. There is no specific background in connection with "trainNumber". So please do not overestimate the attribute "code" here.