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Element   [[TT:stopDescription]]
Id   TT:006
Status   approved
Proposal   2018-09-03
Approval   2019-06-20
Content   The following table summarises the semantical constraints between the attributes <tt><[[TT:ocpTT_|ocpTT]]></tt>.<tt>'''<span id=ocpType>ocpType</span>'''</tt>, <tt><[[TT:stopDescription_|stopDescription]]></tt>.<tt>'''<span id=guaranteedPass>guaranteedPass</span>'''</tt>, .<tt>'''<span id=commercial>commercial</span>'''</tt>, .<tt>'''<span id=onOff>onOff</span>'''</tt>, .<tt>'''<span id=stopOnRequest>stopOnRequest</span>'''</tt> and .<tt>'''<span id=operationalStopOrdered>operationalStopOrdered</span>'''</tt>:<br> [[File:RailML_2_stopDescription_constraints.png]]<br> * Green cells are default values. * <tt>'''<span id=ocpType>ocpType</span>'''</tt>='begin','end' are deprecated from railML 2.2. * If no <tt><[[TT:stopDescription_|stopDescription]]></tt> is given, it is either a non-guaranteed pass (1.2) or a stop with undefined properties, depending on the attribute <tt>'''<span id=ocpType>ocpType</span>'''</tt>. * ''The term "commercial" of the attribute in railML traditionally refers to the contractual relationship between RU and end-customer, not to the contractual relationship between IM and RU.'' * ''The term "ordered" in the attribute <tt>'''<span id=operationalStopOrdered>operationalStopOrdered</span>'''</tt> refers to the contractual relationship between IM and RU.''