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tLengthM is a data type that is used for modelling distances in metres. It is derived from the basic data type tLength, which shall not be used directly due to the missing unit extension. tLengthM is the standard data type for defining position of objects along tracks. In order to find out which element/parameter uses the tLengthM data type, please have a look into the schema documentation.

If the parameter using the data type tLengthM is required, please make sure that your railML export interface provides this value. However, if the actual value is unknown, please use a default value like -99999.


Usage in railML 2.2 (cf. (link to the railML® website)):

  • rail:tMileageChange/@absPos
  • rail:aAbsPosition/@absPos
  • rail:eTrackEnd/@absPosIn
  • rail:tMileageChange/@absPosIn
  • rail:tMileageChange/@absPosInOffset
  • rail:aAbsPosition/@absPosOffset
  • rail:aConnectionData/@branchDist
  • rail:aMechanicalWagonCoupler/@couplingHeight
  • rail:tTunnel/@crossSection
Rufzeichen.png (available in railML 2.2, but physically wrong; will be fixed in future version, see (link to the railML® website))
  • rail:aSectionTT/@distance
  • rail:aSignal/@distNearestDangerPoint
  • rail:aDoors/@entranceHeight
  • rail:aDoors/@entranceLength
  • rail:aDoors/@entranceWidth
  • rail:aGangway/@floorLevel
  • rail:aDoors/@footStepHeight
  • rail:aGangway/@gangwayHeight
  • rail:aGangway/@gangwayWidth
  • rail:aPantograph/@headWidth
  • rail:aSignal/@height
  • rail:aCurvingLimitation/@horizontalCurveRadius
  • rail:tPlacedElementWithLength/@length
  • rail:aFormationTT/@length
  • rail:aFormation/@length
  • rail:aVehicle/@length
  • rail:tCommonSwitchAndCrossingData/@length
  • rail:tLevelCrossing/@length
  • rail:tTrackCondition/@length
  • rail:aOcpTT/@offset
  • rail:tMileageChange/@pos
  • rail:aRelPosition/@pos
  • rail:aSignal/@sight
  • rail:aSignal/@trackDist
  • rail:aVehicle/@trackGauge
  • rail:aVehicle/@trackGaugeAlternative
  • rail:aStopPost/@trainLength
  • rail:tGradientChange/@transitionLenght
  • rail:aCurvingLimitation/@verticalCrestRadius
  • rail:aCurvingLimitation/@verticalSagRadius
  • rail:aPropulsion/@wheelDiameter