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railML schema changes

This site is intended to collect the schema changes by topics, that influence the XML output. It starts as a stub.

Between railML 2.1 and railML 2.2

Infrastructure subschema


Fact: The abbrevation attribute in the <ocp> element is declared deprecated.
Reason: There are multiple different abbreviations for single operation or control points. They can't be defined with one attribute.
Recommendation: Use the new <tsi> and/or <designator> elements instead.
Related Trac Tickets: #112
Related SVN Commits: [335], [439]
Old sample (railML 2.1):
<ocp ... name="Passau Hbf." abbrevation="NPA"/>
New sample (railML 2.2):
<ocp ... name='Passau Hbf.' ...>
  <tsi country="80"/>
  <designator register='RL100' entry='NPA'/>
  <designator register='ENEE' entry='80-26506-6'/>
  <designator register='IBNR' entry='8000298'/>
  <designator register='DB640' entry='Pa'/>

Rollingstock subschema

Timetable subschema

Common subschema