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(railML schema changes since version 2)
(railML schema changes since version 2: Reservation Release railML 2.4 removed; Language adaptation)
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== railML schema changes since version 2 ==
== railML schema changes since version 2 ==
For the changes between subversions of railML<sup>®</sup> 2 see the respective lists.
The changes between the {{rml}} 2 minor versions are available in the following descriptions:
*[[dev:changes/2.1|Changes between {{rml}} 2.0 and {{rml}} 2.1]]
*[[dev:changes/2.1|Between railML 2.0 and railML 2.1]]
*[[dev:changes/2.2|Changes between {{rml}} 2.1 and {{rml}} 2.2]]
*[[dev:changes/2.2|Between railML 2.1 and railML 2.2]]
*[[dev:changes/2.3|Changes between {{rml}} 2.2 and {{rml}} 2.3]]
*[[dev:changes/2.3|Between railML 2.2 and railML 2.3]]
*[[dev:changes/2.4|Changes between {{rml}} 2.3 and {{rml}} 2.4]]
*[[dev:changes/2.4|Between railML 2.3 and railML 2.4]] (upcoming)
Please, employ [[template:change]] to add etries.
Please, employ [[template:change]] to add etries.

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XML Railway exchange format
Latest release: 2.4
(October 7th, 2018)
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Versions & Changes

This page is intended to inform about the schema changes by topics, that influence the XML output. As it starts as a stub please refer to the railML forum (link to the railML® website) and railML's ticket system (link to the railML® website) too.

Versions & Licences

The development of the early alpha versions started in 2001. Version 1.0, the first version allotted for productive use, was published in 2005. The current railML® version is 2.3, published in March 2016. It is licensed dually free under a restricted form of the Creative Commons licence (external link) CC-BY-NC-ND and (for certified programmes) in free a commercial licence. To learn more about the licence terms see http://www.railml.org/en/user/licence.html (link to the railML® website).

A detailed version list can be found on https://www.railml.org/en/developer/version-timeline.html (link to the railML® website).

Schema changes in older railML versions / Other information sources

It is not intended to describe changes between minor versions in railML 1 as there are no records from the pre-SVN time. Also changes between the major releases (railML 1 > railML 2 or railML 2 > railML 3) could not described here, as there are to much structural and major changes in railML.

railML schema changes since version 2

The changes between the railML® 2 minor versions are available in the following descriptions:

Please, employ template:change to add etries.